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General Questions
What's PhoneSwap
Our website is a free marketplace where people can buy and sell phones with each other with chat messaging and tools to prevent people from offering unreasonable prices
How can I stay safe on PhoneSwap?
1 - Check your user feedback and profile (Is the feedback reliable? Is the account verified?)
2 - Ask Questions! (Meetup? and always deal with contact details provided by PhoneSwap)
3 - Use the Offer/Agree system to secure a transaction (Do not negotiate if the seller refuse to)
4 - Check and double Check (Meetups recommended, check up the conditions of the phone carefully)
How do I setup my PhoneSwap Account?
If you are a new user, tap on "Login / Signup" (top right of the page).
You can create your PhoneSwap account using your Facebook account (we will not post to your timeline) or your email address and mobile phone.
How do I change my password?
You can change your password in your Profile page ->Settings, tap on "Change password", key in the new password and tap "Reset" button. Your password will be changed immediately.
What if I forget my password?
Don't worry. You can retrieve your password via email. Go to the "Login / Signup page", then click on "Forgot your password?". An email will be sent to you to reset your password.
If this doesn’t work, please email us at Remember to use the same email address used for your PhoneSwap registration.
How to sell on PhoneSwap?
How do I start selling on PhoneSwap?
Selling on PhoneSwap is easy. You can do so in 2 easy steps.
1. Tap on the "Sell" button.
2. Fill in the details of your phone, such as phone model, color, storage capacity, a brief description of your phone condition and up to 6 photos. Then, tap on "Submit" button to upload your listing.
How much does it cost to list a device on PhoneSwap website?
Anyone can list a phone for Free. There is no charge and no commission if your sell your devices with PhoneSwap. Each listing will be posted on our site for 30 days.
*PhoneSwap reserves the right to amend the duration without prior notice.
Why is a listing pending staff review?
To ensure that all listings are genuine, PhoneSwap will review all the listings to ensure they meet a set of criteria for selling a device on PhoneSwap website. If a listing fails the criteria, PhoneSwap reserve the right to remove the listing from the site. It is also the seller's duty to ensure that the device listed meet the criteria dictated by PhoneSwap.
What do I check before I sell my phone?
As a responsible seller, we advise you follow the following criteria before you sell your phone:
1. Device is fully functional, including all buttons and ports.
2. Device IMEI is clean (not changed or reported lost or stolen) and ready for activation.
3. Device is free of glass cracks, and other non-cosmetic damage.
4. Device has functional battery (not damaged) included with sale.
5. Device IMEI in hardware and software must match.
6. Device is locked out of your icloud account or similar service.
Can I remove my listing at any time, without cost?
Yes, you can remove your listing you created at any time before it is sold. To remove your listing, go into your Profile -> Settings -> Manage your listings, look for your device and click “Remove”. There is no cost or penalty to cancelling your listing as anyone can list a phone for Free.
How do I clear all personal data from a device I sold?
Factory reset (on Android phones):
1. Go to Settings >> Backup & reset >> Factory data reset Factory reset (on iPhones)
2. Go to Settings >> General >> Reset Or you can engage our PhoneSwap Data Wipe service to erase your phone data professionally. Find out more about PhoneSwap Data Wipe service here.
When does my listing expire?
Listings expire 30 days* from the date when you submit your listing.
*PhoneSwap reserves the right to amend the duration without prior notice.
What does it mean when my listing is "Verified"?
Every listing that is posted on our website will be checked by our content manager. This is to help protect buyers and make PhoneSwap the safest place to buy mobile phones.
Some of the criteria that are reviewed by us:
Compliance with PhoneSwap listing guidelines
Basic specifications and abnormal/ridiculous pricing
What are the actions available to manage my listings?
Edit : Edit your listing.
Archive: : Your listing will no longer be visible.
Sold: The product will be marked as "Sold".
How do I know when someone has made an offer for the product I listed?
You will receive a message directly in your "Messages" panel on the website. At the same time, an email will be sent to you to notify you of the offer.
How do I accept an offer?
You can accept the offer in the chat window with the buyer, we have developed a special features to make the negotiation easier, you can also disable the feature in Settings -> Shop Settings -> Allow Negotiations
How to Buy on PhoneSwap
How do I buy a device on PhoneSwap?
Once you find a device you want to purchase, you may tap on “Make Offer” button on the product page to make an offer to the seller. You can also use our Chat feature where you will be able to converse with the seller if the seller is online. If the seller accepts your offer, you can proceed to arrange a meet-up or delivery between both parties and close the deal.
How do I make payment for the product after my offer is accepted?
At this moment, PhoneSwap is not involved in the payment between sellers and buyers. The transaction is between sellers and buyers. Here are a few ways where deals can be completed.
Bank transfer
Cash on delivery and meet-ups
How do I contact a seller?
To contact a seller, just tap on "Chat To Buy" button on the product page to send a message. You can also search for a seller using our Search Bar.
Is there a limit to the number of devices I can make an offer for?
Not at all. You can make an offer to more than one seller of your choice.
How to check if a used phone is reported lost/stolen?
Used phones that are listed on PhoneSwap website must have a clean IMEI. To ensure this, our content manager will check the listings against an authorised database used by the Singapore Police Licensing Unit. You can also check for lost phones via the following link (you need a Singpass to enter the site) -
About PhoneSwap warranty

PhoneSwap team provide PhoneSwap’s website and services “as is” and without any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory.
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